Tips To Improve Your Webinars

  • 1 The best way to be a great webinar presenter is to attend webinars.
    You will see what you like and what you may want to avoid on your own webinars.
  • 2 Select your technology carefully.
    There are plenty of webinar solutions on the market. Think about what you need, are willing to spend and what you hope to get out of a provider.
  • 3 Preparation is EVERYTHING.
    From invitation to webinar to follow-up, have a plan for all elements.
  • 4 Three Basic Ingredients for a GREAT presentation:
    1) A dynamic speaker. 2) A visually appealing presentation. 3) Solid technology and support
  • 5 Do what you say you are going to do.
    The relationship begins when the webinar ends. If you promised follow-up, make sure you do it in a timely fashion.
  • 6 Give it time.
    The most successful webinar programs are by those who deliver webinars on a regularly scheduled basis. Once in awhile webinars won't have a lasting impact.
  • 7 Use webinars as an opportunity to learn.
    Use polls, surveys and questions to engage your audience and discover their interests and preferences. Then, customize your presentation to suit the audience.
  • 8 Have plan B, C and D ready to go.
    What is your plan if your internet is down? What if you lose power in your location? Always have a plan. Even if it means sitting in your car and broadcasting from Starbucks. (I've done it!)
  • 9 Sit up straight and smile!
    Try it out. Slouch and listen to yourself speak. Now, sit up straight and speak. Now, speak with a frown. Hear the difference? Body language matters - even more so when the audience can't see you.
  • 10 Apologize and move on.
    If you have a glitch, acknowledge it and keep going. It will only be a big deal if you decide to dwell on it.
  • 11 Get the best headset for your budget.
    Nothing is worse than bad audio. Test your audio in advance and invite a trusted colleague to listen as well. If you don't sound loud and clear, your audience will abandon you.

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