We've Been At This a Long Time....

If one were to measure the time that we've been managing and hosting webinars in dog years, then we could say that we've been at this for 112 years. But, since online technology transforms even faster than a dog ages, we think you'll still be impressed to know that we've been at this for 16 years.

We started navigating the murky waters of online meetings back in 2001, just as the technology was becoming more mainstream. We've had our share of false starts and challenging moments, but have enjoyed watching the technology evolve. The number of companies that provide web meeting software continues to expand. And, we have been pleased to see that there are now much better and more cost effective solutions available than ever before.

We love keeping up with the latest technology and when we are not facilitating webinars for our clients, you'll find us tinkering with new software and keeping up on the latest buzz in the industry.

We are also passionate about how the internet is able to bring the cultures of the world together and actively support two very important global causes.

Our Team


Leigh Strinsky

Founder & President

A former cruise ship captain, Leigh moved from the high seas to the virtual world in 1997 and has been facilitating webinars & webcasts since 2001. First, developing Cruise West's award winning, innovative webinar program and now managing programs for over 20 travel companies, Leigh firmly believes that information, shared through real time connections, establishes trust, value & credibility, in turn, inspiring confidence and action.


Carol Parsons

Travel Educator & Sales Coach, Virtual Sales In Partnership with Dot2Dot

With more than 25 years in the Travel Industry, Carol recognizes that in the current marketplace, populated with informed buyers, education IS sales. Through webinars, Carol has reached travel sellers & consumers both domestically and across the globe and has presented a wide range of travel products & services. She is known for her ability to engage and entertain an on-line audience and to inspire them to action.


Ann Marie Gill

Programming & Development

After 5 years working as an Exploration Leader for an Alaskan cruise company, Ann Marie shifted to the technology side of the travel industry where she managed everything from the company website to developing an internal reservation system. Today, she takes care of our programming, coding and development.